Women’s Costumes Ideas

Are you ready for some Halloween spirit?? Are you ready to give some scares or catch some?? Depends on your inner self if you ask me. I am much of a giver than a taker and that is why I’m here to share some of my thoughts and ideas on women’s Halloween costumes. I like to give a good scare. I mean it’s Halloween! What’s the point in getting a costumes if it is not in the haunted theme of Halloween? With gut wrenching movies releasing just prior to Halloween, can you blame me for going down that road? The Nun is a pretty hit theme this time around and surely takes the top slot. What is the drawback of that option is that, there will be 200 clones of you all across town. I you want to join the choir of nuns and go scaring every house altogether than this is just the thing for you (count me in as well). If you are not a part of my clique than I have plenty other cool ideas for you! You can try being a spirit girl! The faded aura of a long lost spirit wandering aimlessly in both the living world and the dead is always enchanting.It goes with the flow of the season…I mean Halloween also has a trend each year. Another one invading my brain this year is the all-black ancient widow costume in the Winchester theme. The baroque style of it will always make you stand out, that too, with class. Another one of my favorites is the Zombie Bride. The skull like face, the sunken sockets, the ragged bridal dress, the veil! It is all just too good to pass. Zombie Bride seems to have a comeback every now and then I am all up for it. As for the ones who want to keep it low key scary and not go all the way with makeup and gore, you can always go for the “creepy sister” attire. Just buy yourself an old fashioned cotton lacy dress like a little girl would wear Pair it with some goody-two shoes and socks and the attitude is all you need to add the scare factor!rosegal-HalloweenWith the countless knick knacks you will need at Halloween, the prices can get a little out of hand but I got you covered on that one too! 247couponcode.com will save you a coupon code at your purchase. The site has coupon for plenty of online stores so you should find your relevant coupon there and punch it down before you press checkout. This will save you a good few dollars!

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