People’s Favorite Halloween Costumes

Halloween is finally coming home and just when Pennywise was all the hype, The Nun takes over! This is hands down the most awaited and the most fun part of the holiday season and just gives you a jump start at your holiday spirit! With the countless characters to play, crowds are taking the Halloween theme way too seriously and it is all fun and good till it is role play! With movies like The Nun targeting the weeks prior to Halloween, you can’t help but fall for the horror vibes. Some might want to take the advantage of the Halloween excuse and dress up like a fairy princess while some just like the scares of it. For the horror freaks like myself, I pretty much celebrate Halloween all year round low key. With come dramatic eye shadow and black lipstick, I am always in the Halloween mood for some reason. You can’t blame me. Horror is one of the few happy chills the world has to offer. This time around, I am planning to go a little different. As much as The Nun has been on my mind raving my very soul, I want to stand out and look a little different. I’m planning on a Gothic attire of a witch. The corset dresses you can find at plenty of these amazing online stores like Sammydress and Rosegal are on my top list. All I need is one of those witch hats and some dramatic makeup with really pale skin! Own that’s what I’m talking about.Marvel Black Panther Movie Black Panther Boys Costume

My friend on the other hand is all up to play Pennywise! The clown costumes you can find easily at just about any Halloween themed store online will convince your funny bone in a bit. But her idea has to do with a murderous clown who eats kids! This has been quite the Halloween theme since last year and does not seem to have an end to it even this year round. What might have come to an end this year is the cute-themed stuff. Kids and adults are always up to give some jump scares and to bring some laughs. The cute theme seems be so irrelevant and dead this year but hey, it is all in the holiday spirit. If you want to look like a cute little bunny, do it!! It is all good till it makes you happy.Justice League DC Comics Wonder Woman Child Halloween Costume

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