Halloween Costumes Ideas for Men

Halloween is right around the corner and there is finally a reason for us men to celebrate a little…Let’s face it, every holiday begins and ends on women. There is not much of a choice for the male lot out here to get on with the hype of the holiday spirit (except for the food part, I’m all about the food!). While Christmas and Thanksgiving may not be my thing but Halloween so is. I have every reason to let loose and celebrate my fun side in the most hideous way possible and this time, I’m pulling off a zombie persona! It’s cool and VERY much affordable. I got me a zombie kit online at a discount and it even included some pretty scary opaque yellow contacts! I tore down an old shirt I didn’t need and I’m set for my zombie attire! The kit comes with fake blood and some cool slime that I can work with giving myself cuts and bruises. It really is the best thing I bought.

WWE Undertaker Mens CostumeWWE Undertaker Mens Costume

If the zombie doesn’t do it for you than there is always the famous Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp will never go irrelevant. There is also Pennywise that has sustained the top slot since last year. Just don’t forget the quadrupled jaw though. Now that’s a challenge! Another all-time classic is Jack Skeleton for the vintage at heart. I mean even Edward Scissor Hands is a one of a kind classic but then you might be thinking I might as well bring in Willy Wonka in! Well you can if you want to, like I said Johnny Depp will never go irrelevant on the Halloween theme. I can name a good other few other names in the game that may not be as scary but pretty cool for the theme. How about giving David Bowie a try? His orange hair and the 80’s aura with tight pants and a tighter shirt. You can get a hairspray can, put on a stud on one ear the rest is ash to ash, dust to dust.

Adult Dark Jester CostumeDeluxe Beetlejuice Costume

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