Halloween Costumes Ideas 2018

I might be a 21 year old girl but I still have the heart of a 6 year old! It’s a shame how I can’t sport the child living inside me but when it’s Halloween’s season, no one can stop me!!  So what does a six year old little girl like the most? It should not be rocket science. It’s all about tiaras, princess dresses and glitter! THAT’S RIGHT! But don’t get me wrong, I might be a sucker for all things pink but that certainly does not mean I want to end up looking like an overgrown man-child. I want to look like a good sport for Halloween yet treat my princess side. With all the costume ideas in the world, I like buying me something that I can later wear on normal days as well. Something like a lace skirt in dull colors. Even if it has a little fairy dust sparkled on it, I can still pull it off on normal days to college with a solid mono toned top. This way, even if I spend a bit out of budget, it will still be okay since I am buying something I can wear all year round.

Other things that I like investing is in hair color. There are tons of temporary hair dyes that you can apply to your hair and wash it away by the night. You can get so creative with the hair dyes. I might do each color on my hair this time since I am going the Elf way. I have the cutest lace skirt that I have paired with a corset I bought online along with some stockings. I will let my crazier side go loose on the hair dye. I am also planning to go all glittery on my makeup. The only thing I bought that was little too exclusive to Halloween were some fairy-style wings. As pretty as those wings are, I already found the best spot for it right on my wall. Once I am done wearing them, I will have them hanging as wall hanging.

For the ones who want to go scary for real, you can always try out the zombie look. All you will need is some arts and crafts kit that has the glue and the coloring required to make those busted skin artifacts. You can get really created a go all on board and purchase some solid white eye contact lenses in white or yellow. That will really give the edge you need for your Halloween costume. There are plenty of other options as well…Like you can try pulling off many Disney characters of the darker kind like Maleficent or even Creulla.

With all that on mind, there is a tendency to overspend at Halloween. Let’s stay practical and remember this is all just fun and not about spending the biggest amount of money to have the best costume in town. Try couponing at 247couponcode.com. It has coupon codes for plenty of online store that you can shop at. The coupons will keep you under budget for sure.

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