Halloween Activates for Kids

I don’t know about others but autumn is my favorite time of the year. It does not just give you more outdoor time but also serves you the much needed break from the tediously long scorching summer heat that drained the life in just the first week. With this calmer and cooler season, it is the perfect time of year for some family fun. I love the fun times I get to spend doing things with my kids. The long evening walks to get some ice cream, the hiking trips, the pumpkin carving and the cookie baking! I could not be happier! Although school is on a fresh start for the younger lot but we can always manage some family time doing productive activities. There are a few classic family traditions that I always follow each year round with my kids. It was a tradition at my house growing up and it became a tradition to my kids too so first thing’s first, I take them out pumpkin shopping. Now as dumb it may sound to a kid, once the know what the pumpkin is going to about, they will hardly let you breathe! Creating the perfect jack-o’-lantern is always fun! You can even have the kids indulge in selecting paint and glitter to decorate it. I always end up placing a candle inside it. Kids always love getting their hands into playtime and this is just the perfect thing to have them indulge in. You can help them bring out their creative side out and have them channel their energy into something fun and decorative for the Halloween theme decor.

Another thing I love doing with my kids is have them decorate cookies that we bake together. I always call over their grandparents as well so they get to enjoy their time with the little ones. I make them hot chocolate and we bake the cookies together from scratch. Once out of the oven, I have them all seated across the table. I spread out a sheet on top of the table so nothing gets ruined that will rip the fun out of everything. Then I sort out he colorful frosting and the toppings in tiny bowls. Each kid gets aa tiny stick that they can use to decorate the cookie. I let them do whatever they want with the cookies and have my time just chatting and relaxing with family. These are the cookies we eat and save up in a jar for trick or theaters.


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